Monday, February 21, 2011

Book Group: February

Book Discussed: Henry's Sisters by Cathy Lamb.

Book group was hosted by Janeen. We had a good discussion of the book, Herny's Sisters. 4 of the 5 members present had read the book and all enjoyed it. Katie facilitated our discussion of the book. We all really liked the characters in the book, especially Henry. We discussed in depth the ability of River to fogive her husband for his absense. We were not sure we could be as forgiving and just pick up where their life together had ended. We all had different thoughts about how well River handled things and if she had other options. We all thought Grandma (Amelia Earhart) was a hoot!

Food from Book Group: Papa Murphy's Delite Pizza, Artichoke Dip/Veggies, and Chocolate Zuchini Cake.

The March meeting of Wine, Women and Words book club will be hosted by Kari. Details of the location will be coming soon. We will be discussing the The Glass Castle: A Memoir by Jeanette Walls (288 pages).

The Glass Castle - Discussion Questions

By the March meeting our reading schedule for 2011 will be complete. I will bring a copy of the reading schedule to our March meeting. If you have not yet voted on monkey survey, please do so by March 1st.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on March 7th at 6:30 for our next discussion.

Happy Reading!

Book Club: January

The first meeting for 2011 of the Wine, Women and Words book club took place at Katie's new place. Katie prepared wonderful treats for us to enjoy and wine of course! Five member met to discuss 19 Minutes by Jodi Picolut. We had a good discussion and made it through the questions. We all liked the book. The book led to discussions about societies role in desensitizing our children to violence, etc. Discussed how things are today vs. when we were teens.

Janeen will host in February and Kari will facilitate the discussion. We will be discussing Henry's Sisters by Cathy Lamb.

Happy Reading!!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Book Club: November

Book Club in November was hosted by Michelle. Michelle and Katie were the only members that were able to attend. Neither had finished the book, so little book discussion occurred. The great thing about us is we can always find something to talk about! They almost had a bottle of Moscato, until Michelle realized she didn't own a corkscrew! They enjoyed a few appetizers, cheesecake bites and homemade hot chocolate (yummy!). It was a small gathering, but they enjoyed themselves!

Happy Reading!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Book Club: July Meeting

On the lovely evening of July 13, seven of us WWW girls met at Janeen’s house for a great night of conversation, treats and wine! Thank you, Janeen! We enjoyed talking about baking, organizing, friend’s health and the book, The Alphabet Sisters by Monica McInerney.

Audrey blessed us with ice cold, Orange Crush, as well as a cooler full of treats she had so lovingly organized before work that morning. We enjoyed yummy mixed fruit, chicken salad and a strawberry cake. Oh, and don’t forget, we enjoyed some real Good Pinot Grigio!

Our book conversation never ceases as Janeen (the tech wizard she is) had the discussion questions on the wall, courtesy of their computer. We blew through the questions with everyone liking the book and evaluating the characters. All of us agreed that no, we weren’t in favor of a sequel, but we did enjoy the book. Most girls agreed that The Help, which we’ll be discussing next month, is going to be fun.

helpWe will meet next at Kari’s house 3312 Centerville Road in Vadnais Heights.  We will meet on August 10, at 6:30 and Kathleen will be our facilitator for the book, The Help by Kathryn Stockett.

Happy Reading!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Book Club: June

Six of us met for the third meeting of the Wine Women & Words Book Club at Cori’s home on June 1st. The theme of the night was desserts!

Wine Tasted: Il Bastardo and La Crescent

Food: Cream Puffs, Cheese Cake Bites and Fruit w/Creamy Dip. Cori made Brownie Surprise Cupcakes also.

The ladies that gathered were able to go through all the discussion questions and agreed the book was good, but sometimes slow moving. We agreed the author did a good job of showing family dynamics and the strengths and weaknesses in the relationships of the characters. The racial points in the book were subtle and we were all happy with how the story ended.

alpahbet Audrey will be hosting the July meeting and Kari will be facilitating. We will be discussing The Alphabet Sisters by Monica McInerney.

Happy Reading!!

** July Meeting with be happening on July 13th. Audrey is undergoing some remodeling at her house, so she will be hosting book group at Janeen's house (1931 Lakeaires Blvd - WBL). Kari will be facilitating our discussion of Alpahbet Sisters by Monica McInerney.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Book Club: May Meeting

Book Discussed: The Wednesday Letters – Jason F Wright
Wine Tasted: Janeen's Sangria (
Link to Recipe)

The second meeting of Wine, Women and Words, was a lot of fun. Seven of us met and discussed, The Wednesday Letters by Jason F Wright. The discussion was good, we made our way through all of the
discussion questions. The book was enjoyed by all members. We discussed the themes of traditions, forgiveness and relationships.

Recipes from Book Club:
Artichoke Dip, Chicken Salad and Fresh Strawberry Cake 

The June meeting of Wine, Women and Words book club will be at Cori's. We will be discussing Run by runAnn Patchett. At the June meeting we will have completed our voting on nomiations and our reading schedule will be decided through March 2011. I will bring the new reading schedule to the June meeting. You should have received an email with the details about the books nominated and a link to vote on Please remember to vote for your top 9 books that were nominated.

Happy Reading!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Book Group: April Meeting

Book Discussed: The Solace of Leaving Early – Haven Kimmel
Wine Tasted: Riesling, Chardonnay (Yellow Tail)

The first meeting of Wine, Women and Words, was a lot of fun. Six of us met and discussed, The Solace of Leaving Early by Haven Kimmel. The discussion was good, but the book did not receive high marks from our group. We all felt that the different books and authors that are mentioned through out the book were very distracting. We didn’t like Langston as a character and Amos was boring.

The following books were suggested for us to read for future meetings:
The Wednesday Letters - Jason Wright
Magic Hour – Kristin Hannah
House Rules – Jodi Picoult
Prayers for Sale –
Book Thief – Marcus Zusak
The Help – Kathryn Stockett
The Murderer’s Daughters –

Hosting Schedule:
May –Janeen
June – Cori
July – Audrey
August – Kari
October – Michelle
November -
December - No meeting

wednesday The May meeting of Wine, Women and Words book club will be at Janeen's. We will be discussing The Wednesday Letters by Jason Wright.

Happy Reading!!